The Process Counts

Several years ago, my husband and I purchased new beds for the children. The beds were the kind that needed to be assembled, and my husband being the DIY person that he is decided to assemble the beds himself. A daring decision I must confess, as the pieces seemed to be about a hundred (for just one bed!) which made it hard for me to believe the instructions were actually ‘easy to follow’ as they were stated to be.

Anyway, whether I believed it or not, my husband got to work and started the assembling process. I joined him, but couldn’t resist asking from time to time- ‘Don’t you think we should get someone to help us fix it?’ After asking the question for the third time, my husband answered- ‘How difficult can this be, really?’ That got me quiet. Gradually, I got excited about the prospect of fixing the beds ourselves and couldn’t wait for the feeling of pride that would ensue after the ‘arduous’ task had been done.

Eventually, we got to Step 25, but the bed was not looking like it did in the manual, and we had just 5 more steps to go. What happened? Could the manufacturers have mistakenly omitted a vital part or placed the wrong parts together? After hours of poring over the instructions, we finally realised that we had used the wrong screws for Step 4; so, we had to dismantle the entire bed till Step 3. This was quite frustrating, but my hubby with his ‘never give up’ attitude eventually finished 6 hours later. I would have given up by the third hour. The second bed took him only 1½ hours to assemble. This taught me a valuable lesson- we cannot overlook the basics and somehow expect to magically get results without going through the right process.

God has a plan for your life, but you must be ready and willing to align with His purpose and timing. And regardless of what you are struggling with, don’t give up. Your struggles will not be wasted. It is all part of bringing about God’s purpose. It does get easier and better with time. Do not despise the days of little beginnings.

I see a lot of women who want to be great without going through the process. God is looking for women of vision who will not be moved by the dry bones in the valley, understanding that in God’s hands they can become an exceeding great army; women who will not manipulate situations for their own interests, but will rather submit to God’s purpose in every situation.

I really want to thank God for the success of the recently held Body, Soul & Spirit Ibadan. The dream of taking Body, Soul & Spirit to the various geographical zones of the nation had been budding in me for some time; but I couldn’t help asking- how, where, and a million other questions. But our God who indeed makes all things beautiful in His time, made the dream a reality; and I know He’s not through with BSS yet, as I trust that He would spread the influence of the event to major cities in our nation and beyond.

Who would have imagined seven years ago that an event held at the Balmoral, Oregun, Lagos with about 150 women in attendance, would now attract women from different states of the country? At the recently held Body, Soul & Spirit Ibadan, we had women from Akure, Ife, Benin, Abeokuta and Lagos in attendance. Indeed, God is faithful!

Be encouraged to dare to dream. For indeed, as Lupita Nyong’o, (the 12 Year A Slave movie star and Oscar winner) rightly said, ‘No matter where you’re from; your dreams are valid.’

But I must add, do not forget the basics and do not ignore the process!

I would like to greatly appreciate everyone that contributed towards making Body, Soul & Spirit Ibadan a success- our sponsors, the very supportive pastors’ wives in Ibadan, everyone that sold tickets and supported us in one way or the other. I pray that God will indeed enlarge your territory and grant you rest on all sides. You are highly appreciated.

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