BSS 21 Days Prayers and Fasting

BSS 21 Days Prayers and Fasting

January 25-31(Things to do)

January 25, Saturday
Sacrifice of praise for 1 hour
Thanksgiving every 3 hours. It can be 10 minutes or more depending on how long you are able to go at a time. Let’s set our alarms.

January 26, Sunday
Tongues of fire for 1 hour. We will do 30 minutes together on the prayer call and the other 30 minutes to be done personally.
Thanksgiving praise for 30 minutes- 1hour

January 27, Freedom Monday
Call or text someone you need to forgive, release. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of any.
Thanksgiving for 30 minutes-1hour

January 28, 20 Tuesday
Bless someone in need with $20 or what you can afford. You can also break it and give $10 to two people.
Thanksgiving praise for 30 minutes-1hour

January 29, Jesus Wednesday
Intentionally serve someone. It could be anywhere.
Thanksgiving praise for 30 minutes

January 30, Thursday
Pray for 5 women. Prayer points to use will be made available.
Praise for 30 minutes

January 31, Friday
Praise and victory dance for 1 hour.
Thanksgiving offering to be made in our respective churches on Sunday.
Declaration day. Words to declare will be made available to us.

Note: please send prayer points and testimonies to

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